MBA January 2021 Newsletter

Daniel Essoo
Daniel Essoo

Dear readers,

Welcome to the first edition of the MBA’s Newsletter.

The objective of this monthly publication is to provide the banking community, and the public at large, with regular updates on developments which are of relevance to the banking industry in Mauritius and internationally.

The mission statement of the MBA is ‘to nurture an innovative, competitive and trustworthy banking sector for the welfare of society’. In order to achieve this mission, our work is structured around our 4 main strategic pillars: Advocacy, Thought Leadership, Capacity Building, and Community Engagement.

2020 was a year of many challenges, and in many ways, 2021 will be a defining year for our economy.

On the domestic market, the main issue remains Covid-19: ensuring that the economy bounces back, and that banks are able to support their customers through this difficult period. On the international front, the inclusion of Mauritius on the EU’s list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring, and the global repercussions of the global pandemic remain key concerns. These remain key focus points for our Advocacy work.

At the same time, it is essential that the local ecosystem adapts to international changes in the economic and financial landscape. Our Thought Leadership agenda focuses on issues such as Digitalisation, the development of the Fintech ecosystem, and the strategic positioning of Mauritius financial services sector in the wake of the 2018 Blueprint.

Given the rapid pace of innovation and chance in financial services, the banking community, and the financial services ecosystem at large, must attract and nurture the right skills and talent to take our sector into the future. This is the focus of our Capacity Building work.

Finally, it is important to build awareness, in the wider community, of the above developments. The innovations in banking must be matched by higher levels of financial literacy, to ensure that the community is equipped to make the best of the tools and services available to them. This newsletter, and our recent media campaigns, are part of our Community Engagement mission.

Over the coming months, this newsletter will highlight key developments for our industry, and will help us keep in more regular contact with you. You can also follow us on social media (click on the links below).

Our best wishes for 2021.

Mr. Daniel Essoo – CEO of the Mauritius Bankers Association