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Covid-19 initiatives

The MBA is actively working to support the public at large, and the banking community, through the pandemic. In addition to its education campaigns on the safe use of contactless and digital channels (on peak time TV, Radio and social media), the MBA and its members have also worked hard to ensure that customers in […]
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Contactless payments discussion & awareness

The MBA, in collaboration with Mastercard, has organised a working session for the banking industry on 21 May 2021. The objective of this event was to share best practices on Contactless Payments, with an opportunity to improve payments security, increase customer experience, and mitigate fraud on the market.
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Use of digital channels campaign

To foster the use of digital channels for banking during the lockdown and beyond, the MBA ran a TV campaign from 1 April to 15 April 2021, during the 19h30 news bulletin on MBC channel 1. The campaign is expected to have had a reach of 750,000 people This follows our two-week radio campaign in March...
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National campaign on Cybersecurity

As part of its Financial Literacy initiatives, the MBA has conducted a radio campaign from 15 March to 28 March 2021, encouraging customers to use digital channels, such as Mobile & Internet banking for their banking transactions, in order to limit transmission of the Coronavirus, while ensuring their safety online. The campaign is part of […]
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The MBA is currently working on making banking services more accessible to customers with special needs. The MBA has collected data from its member banks on existing accessibility measures offered by banks, and is working on making this information more accessible to clients. The MBA has also contributed to the upcoming Disabilities Bill at a […]
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Monthly financial wellness tips on social media

Well-informed banking customers can make the best of their banking ecosystem, especially in relation to digital banking services. In order to ensure that customers are aware of the tools available to them, and the best way to make use of same, the MBA has introduced a series of monthly financial wellness tips, delivered through our […]
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Media Trust awards 2021 sponsorship

This year, the MBA partnered with the Media Trust for the annual Media Trust Awards- Category Economy, Business & Finance, with the aim to support, recognise, and promote excellence in Journalism, and Business Journalism in particular. During a ceremony held in the presence of the President of the Republic of Mauritius on 20 February, winners […]
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Engagement with students

On 19 January, the MBA team gave a presentation to secondary school students on the role of banks, the MBA and Financial Education. This was also an opportunity for the MBA team to discover the Bank of Mauritius museum and its Knowledge Centre, which houses local and international documentation on the banking and financial services […]
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Accessibility of Banking services for the elderly

The MBA is currently working with the Ministry of Social Security on an Outreach Programme for Mauritian residents aged over 60. There are approximately 238,000 seniors in Mauritius, of whom about 58,000 still collect their monthly pension in cash from the post office at the end of each month. While banks offer a range of […]
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