The use of security software increases protection of your devices for safer mobile banking & internet banking transactions. These are also the most convenient, and safest ways for banking, especially in the current pandemic context. 

The MBA communicates regularly on the importance of security software, via digital platforms, in order to encourage customers to make use of digital channels while staying safe at all times.

Important tips


1. Strong Password

Always use a long password with lower case and upper-case letters, numbers and symbols, This makes hacking into your account more complicated.

2. Never share your password

Do not share your password, PIN or security code to third parties. If you are concerned, call your financial institution directly.  

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3. Never use your bank credentials on public wi-fi

Never use your bank credentials on public wi-fi. This increases risk of your personal data being exposed to hackers. 

4. Install security software 

Protect your phone, and computer, from viruses and malicious software (malware), by installing security software. 

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5. Immediate action

Inform your financial institution immediately if you change your phone number, or lose your mobile phone.