Contactless Payments & Usage

Given the Covid-19 crisis and the evolution of contactless payments globally, the MBA and its member banks are willing to increase customers’ awareness around the usage of contactless payments which are quite new on the market and the best practices to be adopted, at the same time ensuring that contactless transactions remain safe and bolster consumer confidence. These have been prepared by the MBA Card Fraud Prevention Forum. 

Customers should be encouraged to protect themselves and their families, by avoiding using cash or ATMs during this pandemic (use only if necessary). Customers may shop online or use their contactless cards for their payments, which may limit the spread of the virus. Of note, contactless card transactions are free of charge. From a merchant perspective this is a User-Friendly payment option to enhance customer experience and less queuing.

Important Safety Tips

Important Safety Tips (Part 2)

Important Safety Tips (Part 3)

Card protection habit

Beware of pickpockets

Do not keep your cards in easily accessible pockets or bags which will draw pickpockets’ attention.

Do not give your card to anyone for payments

Do not give your card to anyone for payments. Always make sure you are present for card payment.

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Card processing

Safety and sanitary precautions

For safety and sanitary precautions, carry out contactless payments yourself instead of handing it over to the cashier.

Ask for a receipt

Always ask for a receipt to ensure you were charged the correct amount.

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Card processing

Pin not required & limited transactions

Contactless Cards provide a Tap and go facility. These are no PIN based transactions, which are allowed up to specific limits set by banks.

Edit your preferences

You can review and adjust the contactless number of transactions and verification limits to suit your preferences.

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Regular check

Check your bank balance, and account statement frequently, to ensure that your card is not being misused.

Keep your contact details up-to-date

Keep your bank up-to-date with your latest contact details, such as your mobile number and email address.

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ONline security

Take immediate action

If you believe your PIN (for higher value transactions) has become known to other persons, change it immediately.

Report any card loss and suspected fraud

Be vigilant about any possible loss of your card. Report any card loss and suspected fraud immediately to your Bank.

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